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Like an Easter Bonnet!

One of my vintage cigar boxes has been up-cycled just in time for Spring. Or at least we are hoping for Spring here in Sandy, OR. We had 4" of snow yesterday. It has since melted and the day is teasing us with sunshine and 60 degree weather. Like the saying goes, we have first Spring, then second Winter, then second Spring (and so on). I stayed warm and cozy in my studio - my happy place no matter what the weather.

"Pink A Dot" was painted black with a pink overlay when I found it. As an ode to that idea I kept with the pink theme. I like the whimsical way it harkens back to an Easter bonnet I wore as a little girl. A long time ago!

Those who love pink will love this box. It is a nice, large size: 9"w by 7"d by 3.25"h. Great for a variety of treasures! (It has NO cigar smell due to its age.)

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